Concurrent Enrollment

Dahl Gehle
Concurrent Enrollment Liaison
(970) 339-6504

Phong Tram
Concurrent Enrollment Bridge Coordinator
(970) 339-6373

John Dixon
Concurrent Enrollment Bridge Coordinator
(970) 339-6277

David Jones
Director of Concurrent Enrollment
(970) 339-6659

Courtney Alavarado Xospa
Career Academy Coordinator
(970) 339-6542



Concurrent Enrollment is a program allowing high school students the opportunity to simultaneously earn credit toward a college degree or certificate.  It also counts as credit toward a high school diploma. Our college classes are offered on the college campus, online and at participating high schools. You need to be approved through their high school counselor. Classes are part of the student's permanent college transcript.



Student Parent Student Counselor/Administration Counselor/Administration

Legislation for Concurrent Enrollment is designed to open college doors to students while enrolled in high school.  Students participating in the program will receive both high school and college credit and can be applied toward high school graduation requirements.  In keeping with the college mission, the Concurrent Enrollment office assists high school students with access to post-secondary education and increases awareness and access to a college education.  Preparing individuals for the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century, improving understanding about the long-term financial impact of a college education on lifetime earning potential, and improving pathways to enrollment will ensure a better way of life for the people Aims Community College serves.