Centennial BOCES High School

Jeanine Dodge
(970) 339-6320

Additional Information

CBHS is not a credit-based program. It doesn’t matter how many credits you have already earned.  All students must complete all of the same work in order to meet the graduation requirements.  You will not receive any grades or a GPA, though all the work you complete must be at a 70% to 80% level or higher. You will not have homework and deadlines; however there are things you can take home to work on.  CBHS is not an “on line” program.  All of the work done on the computer must be done at the school. There are no set class times or a bell schedule. You make your own schedule and come to school when you can, however you need to attend at least 20 hours a week. CBHS has an official graduation ceremony each May.