Prospective Students

Parents - Start Early

Help your child navigate his or her way to higher education. No matter what your student’s starting point, abundant resources exist to guide you both. Detailed guidelines for college planning—including a timeline—can be found at this web site:

Encourage your middle school student to begin thinking about college. Engage your child in dialogue about topics such as these:

  • Effective study habits and good grades
  • Participation in community events, sports, or volunteerism
  • Career possibilities and job shadowing
  • Appropriate high school courses

Use this middle school checklist as a guide:
Here you will also find links to exploratory and planning resources that will help your child begin to think about personal interests and skills, making the idea of college more concrete.

If your child is just entering or is currently enrolled in high school, the following links will help keep things headed in the right direction.

Grade 9/Freshman Year

Grade 10/Sophomore Year

Grade 11/Junior Year

Grade 12/Senior Year