The Storm with DJ Thunder

Hello my name is Robert G. Grayson II, but I'm better known as Dj Thunder. I have been a professional mobile Dj for 12 years, providing entertainment for Freewill Mobile Dj's Inc. I was an Aims student 11 years ago, but do to Medical reasons I was unable to complete my degree program as scheduled. Well I'm back and better than ever, and ready to fulfill my dream of being an on air personality.

Ever since I was about 4 years old I knew I wanted to work in radio, as a child I pretended to work for a radio station from my bed room, I would make up commercials and have my friends and family sit in as studio guests. Not a whole lot has changed since than, I still love playing the music that makes people have a good time. you can hear my show "The Storm", with Dj Thunder on Aims Student Radio!

Show: "The Storm", with DJ Thunder, Tuesday & Thursday 12-2pm.


DJ Thunder