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Add, Drop, Withdrawals

You can add, drop or withdraw from classes in person or online through your myAims account. Register or add courses as early as possible before the semester starts to get the best selection of courses. If you have to change your schedule, be sure to pay attention to the official deadlines for each course (see below).

Registration or Add Deadline: The deadline to register for a class is usually the point marking 7% of that course. For full-term Fall and Spring courses, this is 5 days into the semester. For Summer it is just 3 days into the semester, but shorter courses and late-starting courses have their own deadlines. Please be sure to read the course description in the Searchable Class Schedule for registration deadlines, prerequisites or other restrictions.  After the 7% date has passed, adding or registering may be done on an exception basis only if space is available and the instructor has given signed permission to enroll late.

Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines: The deadline to drop a full-term course with a refund is the point marking 15% of the course. The deadline to withdraw from a full-term course (with no refund) is the point marking 75% of the course. Shorter courses have earlier deadlines. After you register for classes, be sure to make a note of the drop and withdrawal deadlines that show on your Printable Schedule in your myAims account.

Please do not assume you will be automatically withdrawn from a class by not attending. If you stop attending without dropping or withdrawing by the deadline, you will likely receive a failing grade and may still be responsible for paying for the course.

In case of emergencies, you may submit written drop or withdrawal requests to:
Admissions and Records
PO Box 69
Greeley, CO 80632

If it is after the withdrawal deadline and you had an emergency that prevented you from withdrawing by that date, you may submit an Administrative Withdrawal Petition. Please be sure to include supporting documentation or your petition cannot be considered.

Requests made over the phone for adds, drops, or withdrawals are not honored.

Aims Community College has the right to cancel course offerings when enrollment is too low to make a course educationally sound and economically efficient. Tuition refunds will be issued for class cancellations.

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