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Fresh Start Policy

You may attempt to improve your overall GPA by eliminating all previous coursework from the GPA calculation.

To be eligible:

  • You must be returning to Aims from an absence of two calendar years or longer

  • Fill out the Fresh Start Petition

  • Meet with your advisor to discuss Fresh Start requirements and obtain signature

  • Return the form to Admissions & Records for processing by the first day of class

All formerly earned grades will remain on your transcript, with notation regarding the Fresh Start Rule. Students cannot choose which courses are used for recalculation. Grades that will no longer be calculated in your GPA will not count for credit toward graduation.

All recorded grades at Aims prior to and after Fresh Start will be used to determine all academic honors. Some academic departments do not accept Fresh Start toward their admission requirements for certain majors.

Please note: Fresh start can only be applied to an academic record once. Once started, the Fresh Start program cannot be revoked. In accordance with Department of Education regulations, all attempted coursework is included to determine Financial Aid eligibility; no portion of the academic transcript can be excluded. Contact Student Financial Assistance for more information.