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Grade Replacement

You may attempt to improve your overall GPA by repeating up to 4 courses in which you received a final grade of D or F. Under this program, only the grade you receive the second time you take the course will count in your GPA.

To be eligible:

  • Fill out the Grade Replacement Petition.

  • Meet with your advisor to discuss Grade Replacement requirements and obtain signature.

  • Return the form to Admissions & Records for processing by mid-term of the semester you are taking the replacement course.

  • You must sign up for the replacement class the same semester the petition is turned in

Repeating a course under Grade Replacement is subject to the following conditions:

  • Grade Replacement may only be applied to a course if the previous grade was D or F.

  • Only the last grade earned will count in the grade point average. However, all grades for that course will remain on the student’s transcript.

  • A student receiving a letter grade can only replace that grade in the cumulative GPA with another letter grade. (e.g. cannot elect to retake the course for an “S” or “AU” grade to replace an “F”).

  • A “W” (indicating a withdrawal) can not replace a letter grade for Grade Replacement. If a student enrolls and later withdraws receiving a mark of W in any subsequent attempt of a course, that enrollment counts as the Grade Replacement opportunity and the original grade will count toward the GPA.

  • Grade Replacement must match course for course (e.g. Western Civilization I for Western Civilization I).

  • Only Aims courses are eligible for Grade Replacement.

  • Grade Replacement can only be applied for a maximum of 4 courses.

  • Once started, Grade Replacement cannot be revoked.

  • Independent Study courses retaken for Grade Replacement must have a new contract matching the requirements of the initial contract.

  • Some courses/programs do not qualify for Grade Replacement (e.g. The Police Academy). Contact appropriate academic department to determine course eligibility.

  • All recorded grades at Aims prior to and after Grade Replacement, will be used to determine all academic honors.

  • If you plan to transfer to another academic institution, you should be aware that other institutions may include all grades in the calculation of your GPA for admission to their institution.

  • In accordance with Department of Education regulations, all attempted coursework is included to determine Financial Aid eligibility; no portion of the academic transcript can be excluded. Contact Student Financial Assistance for more information.