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Career Exploration


If you would like assistance choosing a major and/or career path, please feel free to make an appointment with a Career Services for Career Counseling. This is a 3-appt series that enables you to discover more about yourself and explore how that relates to career options.

We have a variety of career exploration tools that may be used to help you during the career exploration process.

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (used in Career Counseling)
  • Strong Interest Inventory (used in Career Counseling)
  • Career Cruising
    • True Colors
    • Microskills
    • Occ-U-Sort
  • Knowdell Card Sort
  • Interest Mosaic

The intent of the assessments is to provide insight into your personality, interests and values. It is important to understand how those characteristics could impact your career decision making process. Many of our assessments require a professional to interpret results and therefore must be completed within the context of career counseling or under the guidance of an advisor.

* Career Services appointments are at no charge for current students and alumni. Community members will be charged the following for services: $50.00 for Career Counseling (3appt series) and $25.00 for any Job Search Skills services (Resume Reviews/Mock Interviews - 2appt series).

To make an appointment, contact Career Services through the Student Success Center front desk at (970) 339-6251.

Websites to Help With Your Career Planning Process…