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Mar 15 - May 9, 2015
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Choosing a Major: Career Counseling

Career Advisors are available to meet and work through this process with you. The process of choosing a career path is a very personal and in-depth process and therefore requires a series of 3 appointments at minimum.

During these appointments, you will typically:

  • Discuss possible interests, values, work history, ambitions, etc. with a Career Advisor.
  • Complete two career inventories.
  • Receive an explanation of assessment results from a career Advisor.
  • Utilize online resources to explore possible career niches/options.
  • Narrow your list of career options and/or choose your career path.
  • Lay out an academic plan with an advisor based on your decision.

Our goal is to assist you in choosing a major and career that aligns with who you are, your skills and interests, and what's important to you.

To get started, check out the website below to explore where you can use typical college majors in the world of work. What can I do with a major in…?

To make the first Career Counseling* appointment, call:

Greeley Campus –(970) 339-6251
Ft. Lupton Campus – (303) 718-5903
Loveland Campus –(970) 667-4611 Ext. 3306

* Career Services appointments are at no charge for current students and alumni. Community members will be charged the following for services: $50.00 for Career Counseling (3appt series) and $25.00 for any Job Search Skills services (Resume Reviews/Mock Interviews - 2appt series).