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Third Party Billing

Third Party Billing is when a private or governmental agency is paying for any portion of your tuition, fees, or books AND they are requesting a bill from the College.

There is no standard contract. Some companies will write a letter stating what they are willing to pay. Others have a special form. Regardless of the format, however, all contracts and letters MUST include the following information in order to be processed:

  • Student's name
  • Student's Aims ID#
  • Specific charges or classes the company is willing to pay
  • Specific semester covered by the contract
  • Name and signature of officer authorizing the contract
  • Billing address of the company
  • Contact information for questions

Student 3rd Party General Authorization Letter
High School Program - 3rd Party Tuition Authorization

*NOTE: Contracts are due by the first payment deadline of the semester or at time or registration in order to prevent your classes from being dropped. At time the contract is received, your account will be flagged to prevent your classes from being dropped. Within 30 days after the add/drop deadline for the semester, the Accounts Receivable office will process the contract which will post a payment to the students account and charge the sponsor.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students will continue to receive regular billings after they initially register for the semester until the 3rd Party Tuition Authorization is processed. If a student still receives a billing after midterm of the semester, the student should contact the Student Accounts Receivable office to discuss the matter.

Mail Contracts to:

Aims Community College
Attn: Accounts Receivable Office
5401 W. 20th Street
Greeley, CO 80632

Fax Contracts to:

(970) 506-6952
Attn: Third Party Billing
In Person:
Drop your contract off at any Cashiers Office location

Contact Us:

For questions regarding Third Party Billing 

Tuition Authorizations:
Please call: (970) 339-6349
or e-mail:

Bookstore Authorizations:
Please call: (970) 339-6576
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