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Tuition Appeals

The Tuition Appeals Committee will consider requests for adjustment to tuition and fee charges when a student can document extenuating circumstances. Examples of circumstances:

  • Medical Reasons which prevented you from attending class and/or completing the requirements of the course
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Change in Employment beyond students control
  • Other extenuating circumstances such as Natural Disaster

Please note: If your circumstance is due to an issue with an instructor, curriculum or course instruction methods, please visit with the instructor, Department Chair or the appropriate Academic Dean before attempting this process.

Tuition Appeals submitted for semesters older than one year of age will be denied.

Students should be aware that if a Tuition Appeal is submitted and they are a Financial Aid recipient, their Financial Aid may be impacted and they may potentially owe Aims Community College money.

Appeal forms and guidelines can be obtained by contacting any Cashiers Office or by using the link below. Be sure to review the guidelines before completing the appeal process.


Please follow the below steps for filing a Tuition Appeal:

Student needs to withdraw from the course(s) before appeals will be considered. Tuition Appeals are for tuition charges adjustment only.

  • Review Tuition Appeal guidelines.
  • Print Tuition Appeal form from the Aims website.
  • Complete Tuition Appeal form and obtain all supporting documentation as set forth in the Tuition Appeals guidelines.
  • If grant, scholarship and/or loan funds were paid on your behalf for the semester in which you are appealing, see the Financial Aid Office to go over the impact an approved appeal will have on your Financial Aid eligibility.
  • Submit the completed Tuition Appeal form and supporting documentation to any Aims Community College Cashiers office. Appeals can be submitted by mail, in person, email scanned pdf to or by fax 970-506-6952
    PLEASE NOTE: The Committee meets every bimonthly (with slight variation due to College Closures). Tuition Appeals need to be submitted one week prior, in order to be included in the next Tuition Appeal Committee meeting. Please contact the Greeley Main Cashier's Office for the Tuition Appeal Committee meeting schedule.
  • Once the Tuition Appeal committee has reached a decision, the student will be sent a letter stating the decision and action to be taken next by the college or the student.
    • If Tuition Appeal is “Approved”, the student’s tuition account will be adjusted accordingly.
    • If Tuition Appeal is “Pending additional documentation”, the committee is requesting additional documentation in order to make a final decision. The student will have 30 days to submit the additional documentation or the appeals will be denied.
    • If Tuition Appeal is “Denied”, student can request for the Tuition Appeal to be reconsidered by the committee if the student can supply additional documentation to support the circumstances.
  • An appeal of the final decision of the Appeal Committee may be made to the Dean of Students, IF the student has extenuating circumstances that includes confidential information (e.g. personal, medical, etc); or can not, or will not document the circumstances thru the original appeals. The student needs to complete the Tuition Appeals Process first.