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Guaranteed Tuition

Guaranteed Tuition Rebate Program

At Aims Community College, we understand how important it is to keep tuition costs as low as possible. That’s why we created the Guaranteed Tuition Rebate Program. With this program, new students will be reimbursed for any indistrict tuition increase they may have to pay over their two years.

Here’s all you need to know:

Guidelines to Qualify:

  1. Only for New (*) Degree-seeking students.
  2. Must be classified by the Aims Admission and Records office as an in-district student at time of entering Aims and be continuously classified as in-district until graduation.
  3. Must graduate with a degree within six consecutive semesters of beginning the program. Program will run from Fall semester of 2013 through Summer semester of 2015. You must complete all course work for a degree and be eligible to graduate within this limited period (Fall 2013 to Summer 2015). See below.

    Program Starting and Ending Dates:

    Starting Semester Degree must be obtained by
    Fall 2013 Summer 2015
    After Fall 2013 Summer 2015

  4. You will only be reimbursed at the in-district rate that is in effect at the time you began your program. (Differential tuition rate does apply to this program)
  5. New in-district students who transfer in credits from other institutions are eligible.
  6. You will have three months after graduating to apply for the rebate.
  7. This program DOES NOT include fees. All changes in general and course fees during the program period will be charged to you (i.e. no flat rate for fees).
  8. Tuition paid by third party payments are not eligible for this rebate for the semester the third party paid for. (Examples: TAA, WIA, Post 9/11, and other agency payments)

* New is defined as a student who has never attended Aims prior to Fall 2013. An exception will be given to those students who attended prior to Fall 2013 by taking only courses while attending high school (K-12), "Concurrent High School Enrollment" or non-credit classes at Aims (example: GED, ESL, court mandated parenting classes, College for Kids, CED).