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Tax Credit Information – 1098T

Form 1098-T Electronic Delivery Information

The IRS has approved the electronic delivery of your Form 1098-T statement online. Electronic 1098-T forms will be available for viewing on the myAims website by January 31st each year for the previous tax year.

If you did not "opt-out" to receive a electronic only, an email will be sent to you per the email address on file in the student information system. Changes to your email address must be done by contacting the Admissions and Records office before December 31st of the tax year you are expecting a 1098-T.

Please read the important information below regarding the electronic delivery of your 1098-T.

  1. An email will be sent to your myAims email and to a personal email, if one on file, address when the Form 1098-T is available for viewing and retrieval.
  2. Electronic delivery of the IRS Form 1098-T remains in effect for the remainder of your time at Aims, until one of the following occurs:
    • You submit an Opt-out request form (PDF) that will opt-out of electronic delivery of the 1098-T form for one year, or
    • The College ceases to provide the option for electronic delivery
  3. If you wish to opt-out of electronic delivery, submit an Opt-out request form (PDF) by December 31st of the tax year you are expecting a 1098-T. The Opt-out request for paper delivery does not apply if the form is submitted after the tax year ends.
  4. By granting consent to electronic delivery of this form by not opting-out, you confirm your ability to view documents in this format. No special hardware or software is necessary to view your Form 1098-T.

You may view copies of the most recent 1098-T tax form and the most recent previous tax years by logging into myAims. If you need copies of forms from previous tax years, please email