College For Kids

Week 1 Classes (June 2-5)*

Students pick (2) classes from the list below. They will take one in the morning, the other in the afternoon. Each class is approximately 3 hours long.

Video Game Design (1)!

Make your own video game! Design an interactive 2D game on the same software used at Aims for this college class. Create and edit graphics, use sprites from popular games and develop your own multi-level type of maze game, plat-former, shooter, flying or tank game to impress your friends and family. Basic drag and drop scripting is used to create game interactions, and to determine player actions and outcomes. The program offers extensive features for game creation and design. Students will use their imagination, artistic talents, and technological skills to create something fun and interactive, while learning how to promote their game on the web.  

Lights! Camera! Action (1)!

Who wants to be a star? Students in this fun, interactive, and hands on class will be able to use all of the TV, Radio, and Recording equipment that the pros use.  Students will have the opportunity to become recording stars, shoot and edit music videos, talk live on the real Aims radio station, and even create their own radio and TV newscasts!  You learn how operate the cameras and equipment while also being the star of your own productions.  This fun and exciting class is a great way to get your hands on the latest music and video production equipment in the Communication Media department at Aims Community College. And to top it off, you’ll be able to access all of the video content and recordings that you helped create on-line after College for Kids is over so you can share it with your family and friends. Your family can listen to you on the radio! Quiet on the set!.......Action!

Crazy Science (1)!

Discover the mystery, fun, and mind-blowing experience that is Crazy Science! Students will make ooey-gooey slime, watch clear liquids magically change color, invent their own carbonated drink, shoot off homemade rockets, bury things and dig them up later, and more fun lab experiments. You’ll do so many experiments, your head will spin! Students will be exposed to concepts such as: Chemical Reactions, Viscosity and Rate of Flow, Polymers, Temperature, Electricity, Pressure and Newton’s Third Law of Physics. Students will engage in problem solving activities and discover what it is that makes all of these crazy things happen. The best part is most of these experiments involve every day household items so you can share them with your friends and family. It is recommended that students who chose this option wear “play clothes” or clothes you don’t mind getting a little messy.

Computer Animation (1)!:

Kids of all technological backgrounds will get a crash-course in Computer Animation where basic and advanced animation concepts and principles are taught. Students will create stop-motion animation using cut-outs, toys, clay and a camera.  They will learn how to rot-o-scope animation using Photoshop and live video sequences, and also use basic storytelling and cinematographic techniques in this fun filled hands-on workshop. Once they know their stuff, they will put their skills to the test and make their own creations as individuals or in groups.  Students will be able to take home copies of their creations!

Photography!--Picture Your Story:

Students as individuals, or in partners or small groups, will create, write and illustrate their own original graphic stories using photographs that they take. Direct instruction will include use of digital cameras, photography techniques, creative idea generating, writing skills, proofreading and editing skills, and use of PowerPoint program to put the creation into print. Take great pictures and use your imagination! Kind of like creating your own comic book where you are the star! Students will be able to take home the finished product.

Materials: If students have digital cameras and USB drives, they are encouraged to bring them, but these are not required and will be provided for use. Students should be prepared to do some photographing outdoors.  This program will be team taught by a professional photographer and a certified English teacher.

LEGO Mania!  

Do you love LEGO’s?  Then this class is for you! Travel back in time to the "Age Before the Brick" to learn the history of Lego, how it all started and where it is today. Go from " A Blob to A Brick" which is a peek inside the LEGO factory to learn how LEGO’s are made.  Challenge yourself and your classmates in individual and team competitions like "Towering Heights", "Strength of Character", and "Ships From the Lego Dimension".  Use your imagination to build and create. This class is taught by the “LEGO GUY” and he is looking for little LEGO MANIACS that want to have some fun! Do you have what it takes, can you create the coolest LEGO stuff around? Well let’s see what you got? You bring your imagination, we’ll take care of the rest!

LEGO Mindstorms Robotics (1)

In the first week of this hands-on class you will work in a team to build a LEGO Mindstorm robot and program it with LEGO NXT-G programming software.  You will learn about gearing  trade-offs and you will learn how to use touch and ultrasonic sensors to complete specific tasks.  This class will take LEGO ROBOTICS to a whole new level.

Fun and Freaky Photoshop (1)

Kids of all technological backgrounds will get a crash-course in Adobe Photoshop. They will learn the skills to create stunning composite images and a short animated gif. Kids will learn about photo editing, design and color as well as the animation tools Photoshop has available. Students will create a portfolio of computer-generated art using Photoshop. Students will also explore filters, effects and the tools to create stunning photo collages while exploring their creative potential. Students will be able to take home copies of their creations and understand various output methods.

Take the Stage!!: Acting and Performing(1)

Have you ever dreamed of being a famous actor?  This class will allow students the opportunity to experience being in a play while building their public speaking skills and confidence.  Class sessions will include improvisation games (which build quick thinking skills and self-confidence), basic acting instruction (focusing on verbal and non-verbal communication skills), and a short play to be performed for parents/family/friends on the last day of class.  Every student will get a part in the play determined by their current skill level.  This class is great for all ability levels as there will be different size roles available. So, whether you are a seasoned performer, or someone that is shy and has never acted before, this class is for you!


*Some class offerings subject to change or cancellation.