Community Standards and Student Conduct

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Aims Community College employs a three-prong, team approach to campus safety which includes the Student Code of Conduct, Behavioral Interventions, and Public Safety.

Any act which interferes with the learning process, rights of others, disrupts or impairs the normal functioning of the college, damages or destroys property, or impairs health or safety is grounds for disciplinary action. The Dean for Student Services Office Campus Safety, Behavior and Title IX Compliance Office work collaboratively to promote civility and Aims community standards.

Contact Us: Contact us with any questions or concerns about student behavior or campus safety.

Shannon E. McCasland, M.S.
Dean of Students
(970) 339-6563

Erik Larson
Student Behavioral Officer
(970) 339-6474

John Fults
Director of Campus Safety and Title IX Compliance
(970) 339-6650

Patricia A. Matijevic, Ph.D.
Vice President, Student Affairs
(970) 339-6258

Campus Security Office
(970) 539-2171