Community Standards and Student Conduct

Conduct Services

Aims Community College employs a three-prong, team approach to campus safety which includes the Student Code of Conduct, Behavioral Interventions, and Law Enforcement.

Student Code of Conduct

The philosophy and approach of student conduct and discipline at Aims is one of education, focusing on student learning through individual growth and accountability of behavior. Our goal is to educate the whole person by recognizing the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and ethical dimensions of personal development. Consistent with this philosophy is an expectation that students will govern themselves in terms of appropriate behavior that emphasizes self-respect and respect for others. The college recognizes a student's rights within the institution to freedom of speech, inquiry and assembly; to the peaceful pursuit of an education; and to the reasonable use of services and facilities of the college.

The Student Code of Conduct has been established to control action going beyond the exercise of such rights, to maintain order on campus, and to guarantee the broadest range of freedom for all who come to learn at Aims. The code reasonably limits some activities and prohibits certain behavior which could interfere with the orderly operation of the college and the pursuit of its goals. Each student is responsible for knowledge of and compliance with the Student Code of Conduct which is published in the college catalog and student handbook, and is available through the Student Life Office, Student Behavioral Office, and Dean for Student Services Office. Questions about policy violations or the conduct process should be directed to the Dean for Student Services.

Behavioral Interventions

In an ideal world, we would not experience behavior that undermines instruction and thereby negatively impacts student learning. However, the unfortunate reality is that a small number of students will exhibit disruptive behavior in classrooms, lab areas, offices, field sites and other educational settings, or via electronic means such as email, discussion boards, online meeting spaces, and audio video and conferencing. At Aims, we employ an initial point of contact through the Student Behavioral Officer (SBO). for members of the college community who have encountered student behavior which is causing concern. The SBO will act promptly to follow-up with the individual initiating the report; determine if there have been any additional warning signs or reasons for concern; and meet with the student to develop a plan. Our intent is to be caring and if possible to prevent the behavior from escalating into a formal conduct violation. Actions taken by the SBO could include the following:

  • Meeting with student to discuss behavior of concern and advising the student of possible consequences if behavior is not corrected to comply with college rules and classroom expectations.
  • Talking with the faculty or staff member who reported the conduct to discuss how to respond and to share information, resources, and tools that may help in the situation.
  • Sharing information with the college safety team or Threat and Violence Assessment Team to determine whether there have been any previous contacts or concerns and to assess further action.

We encourage you to contact the Student Behavioral Officer if you have any concerns about student behavior which you have observed in your classroom or other locations on campus.

Public Safety

The Aims Public Safety and Security Office supports the educational mission of the college by providing professional services that enhance the health and safety of all community members. The campus security office operates 24/7 by personnel trained to understand the higher education campus environment under the direction of the Director of Campus Safety, Behavior and Title IX Compliance. Staff include Weld County Sherriff's Officers and contracted security experts. All staff members are experienced in law enforcement practices and emergency procedures, and demonstrate proactive prevention and speed of response while adhering to college values.

Campus safety is the primary goal of the Public Safety and Security Office and is achieved by campus patrols, a close circuit TV monitoring system, and safety and training programs designed to help the campus community respond quickly and effectively in case of an emergency. Preparedness training programs are conducted in collaboration with campus building coordinators on a variety of topics including hazardous materials, drills for evacuation in the event of fire, and procedures for lockdown, shelter in place, and weather emergencies. A comprehensive campus alert system by text message and phone (RAVE) is in operation to notify and direct students and staff when an emergency occurs.

The Public Safety and Security office also helps to maintain standards and collect data required for compliance for the Clery Act, FERPA, Title IX, and state and local regulations. Additional services such as a parking lot escort service, risk assessment, crime prevention awareness, and personal safety tip training are also available.

Contact the Public Safety and Security Office for any campus health or safety concerns.