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Community Standards and Student Conduct

Student Mediation, Assistance and Advocacy Program (MAAP)

If a student has a complaint, issue, concern or problem with a college employee or department, another student or an instructional situation, the first step is to contact the Student Mediation, Assistance and Advocacy Program (MAAP) office, located in the Student Leadership and Development office in the College Center, Room 130. The MAAP office is charged with assisting students and resolving their issues informally.

The MAAP office can provide the following services:

  1. Describe, explain and advise students about the process they should use if a situation occurs in which they seeking guidance.
  2. Conduct an intake of the relevant information and complaint.
  3. Assist students if an advocacy situation exists.
  4. Assist students in interpreting and applying proper procedures as is appropriate and navigate the college system.
  5. Provide information for all students about their rights and responsibilities.
  6. Provide mediation services student to student, or student to employee, as appropriate.
  7. Refer students to college resources or community resources as necessary.

If working with and through the MAAP office does not lead to a resolution, the student will be referred to another institutional process.

For more information on MAAP contact:
Ryan Barone, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Student Leadership and Development
(970) 339-6657