Disability Access Services

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Disability Access
Services Office
Greeley Campus
College Center 164 
PO Box 69 
Greeley CO 80632

(970) 339-6251

(970) 339-6388

(970) 823-2467

(970) 475-2366


Barrier Alert

The DAS welcomes your comments on barriers to accessibility on any of Aims Community College campuses. These barriers may be physical, attitudinal, or academic barriers.

Please feel free to send an email describing your concern to disabilities@aims.edu.  DAS will refer your concern(s) onto the appropriate campus office(s). 

If you choose to identify yourself and include contact information, DAS will notify you of the status of your concern(s) in a timely manner.  Individuals may also file a formal grievance with the Equal Opportunity Office/Legal Affairs, located in EDBH 145, phone (970) 339-6471.