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Jan 25 - Jan 31, 2015
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Disability Access
Services Office
Greeley Campus
College Center 164 
PO Box 69 
Greeley CO 80632

(970) 339-6251

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Disability Access Services (DAS) at Aims Community College is here to help assist students with documented disabilities reach their academic potential. We offer accommodations such as extended test time, note takers, assistive technology and more. If you believe you qualify for reasonable academic accommodations please contact us at disabilities@aims.edu oor stop by the Information Desk in the College Center to inquire about DAS services. 

Our mission is to:

  • Ensure that individuals with disabilities are provided equal access to programs, services and facilities
  • Positively impact the climate of the college community on behalf of persons with disabilities
  • Promote full inclusion and participation of Aims students in all aspects of campus life and encourage acceptance and celebration of the unique contributions of this diverse population

New Students:

Students wanting to request accommodations for the first time will need to complete the DAS Intake Form online as well as contact the DAS Office to schedule an appointment.  Appointments can occur on the outlying campuses with advanced notice or via the phone if needed.   Documentation of a disability will be requested at the time of the appointment.  Copies of the documentation will be made and become property of Aims Community College.  Originals are returned to the student.  If a student does not have documentation but believes he/she qualifies for services, please contact the DAS Office for options to obtain documentation.

Returning Students:

Students must request accommodations every semester.  Requests can be made by making an appointment or by emailing.  Call 970-339-6251 or stop by the Information Desk in the College Center on the Greeley campus to make an appointment.  Email requests to dana.jones@aims.edu.  When requesting accommodations via email, students must specifically state what accommodations he/she is requesting.  If accommodations are different than previous semesters, an appointment might be necessary. 

If a student qualifies for books in an alternative format, the following form is to be filled out prior to the beginning of each new semester.  Requests may take up to five weeks or longer to process, so it is recommended that students register early and submit the form as soon as possible.  Students who make requests for alternate format textbooks must provide a receipt of proof of purchase before alternative format files can be provided.  For more information, contact disabilities@aims.edu

Alternative Text Form