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Nov 30 - Dec 18, 2015
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Disability Access
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How Students with Disabilities Get Assistance

Disability Access Services (DAS) at Aims Community College was established to ensure that students with disabilities admitted to Aims Community College are provided equal access to university programs and services. Appropriate accommodations are determined for each student on an individual basis by DAS professional staff and are based on disability documentation. Students with disabilities requesting services through DAS are required to provide documentation from a qualified professional verifying the existence of the disabling condition and describing the effect of the disability on the student's ability to access the educational process.

  • Once DAS has received adequate documentation of disability, the student must meet with DAS staff for an intake meeting. Intake meetings are scheduled for about four weeks prior to the first day of class each semester to ensure that students can have the appropriate accommodations in place by the start of the term. Meetings held while classes are in session are scheduled according to DAS availability and student/participant's class schedules. During this meeting the DAS will, 1) provide comprehensive information about DAS, 2) provide each student with a new student packet including written policies/procedures, 3) review each accommodation available to participating students, and, 4) provide information and advice regarding support available to all Aims Community College students.

  • In order to be eligible to receive a specific accommodation, students must provide disability documentation, which supports the need for that accommodation. The more specific your documentation is in describing the current affects of your disability on your functional limitations, especially as a college student; the easier it is for DAS to identify appropriate and reasonable accommodations.