Intensive English

IELP Registration Process

  1. Students Contact Academic Pathways IELP and Fill Out an Application
    Lucia Gonzales
    (970) 339-6634
    Cornerstone, Room 153B
  2. Students Make an Appointment to Take the Compass Diagnostic Assessment
    Lucia Gonzales
    (970) 339-6634
    Cornerstone, Room 153B
  3. International Students Speak with the International Advisor
    Marie Gallegos
    (970) 339-6675
    Admissions & Records, CCTR
  4. Students Register and Are Placed in the Appropriate Courses
    Students must contact Lucia Gonzales in order to register, choose a payment plan or pay in full.
  5. Students Attend Class
    Students will attend orientation according to their schedule.
  6. Students Attend Capstone Courses
  7. Students Take the Accuplacer Diagnostic Assessment
    Accuplacer diagnostic
  8. Students Attend Assessment Preparation
    According to student's need
  9. Students Attend College
    Meet with advisor to choose program of study