Intensive English


Intensive English Language Program Mission and Goals


The Aims Intensive English Language Program (IELP/ESL) is designed to support our community residents and international students in gaining the English language skills they need to become academically and professionally successful. The program ensures students’ access to academic opportunities that develop language proficiency skills in speaking, reading, writing and grammar. This is accomplished in tandem with students’ goals as community participants, workers, and lifelong learners.

Program Goals

  • Develop students’ communicative competence
  • Help students become self-sufficient and autonomous learners
  • Assist students with the Accuplacer entrance exam
  • Support transition to postsecondary education or vocational training

New Program Values

  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Accommodating students of every level
  • Linking culturally relevant resources to academics
  • Community responsibility
  • Equity and fairness

Statement of Intent

The Intensive English Language Program is here to assist students in attaining English language proficiency and to assist them in becoming successful students at Aims, or at any other learning institution they may attend.  In addition, we strive to stimulate the student’s imagination, to encourage them to expand their choices and to view obstacles as opportunities to grow and succeed academically. Ultimately, we are here to produce bilingual learners, citizens and professionals.