International Students

Community Orientation

Community of Greeley

Greeley is in northern Colorado, located approximately 50 miles northeast of Colorado’s State Capital in Denver.  The climate is dry and generally mild with warm summers and mild winters.

Apartment Listings

Aims Community College does not offer college housing.  Greeley has several housing options:  rental of a house or an apartment, sharing with another student(s).

Banking and Financial

Most banks have 24-hour banking machines (ATMs) that allow you to make withdrawals, deposits, transfer funds, and check your account balance.  Banking can be done online as well. Most banks offices are closed Saturday afternoons and Sundays and on national holidays. Many transactions are done by credit cards, debit cards, or checks. A savings account is excellent idea for large sums of money. 

Additional bank services used by international students are:

  • Traveler’s Checks:  Banks sell traveler’s checks for a small fee. These checks are a safe way to carry money when traveling and are accepted by most merchants.
  • International Transfer of Money: Money can be transferred internationally through your local bank, and the transaction may take several days.
  • Money orders and Cashier’s Checks: Money orders may be purchased at banks, post offices, some grocery and drug stores.  A money order is a convenient method to send guaranteed funds. Cashier’s Checks are issued by banks and are for larger amounts.  Money orders are excellent for paying rent, utilities, etc.

Health Care and Insurance

Health insurance is required for students who have an F-1 or M-1 visa. You must provide proof of insurance during the first week of class or your classes will be dropped.  You may purchase the insurance from several Insurance agencies.

Mailing and Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service has three locations in Greeley: 925 11th Avenue; 930 39th Avenue; and an office in
Evans at 3344 11th Ave. You must notify the post office if you change addresses so your mail may be forwarded to you.       

Other mailing services are available at:

Consider It There
813 8th St.
The UPS Store
2519 11th Ave. Unit A


3620 W. 10th St., Suite B

Getting Around Greeley

  • Streets and Finding Your Way
    Almost all of the streets in Greeley are referenced by a number. Avenues (e.g., 16th Avenue) increase in number from East to West. Streets (e.g. 16th Street) increase in number from North to South.
  • A map of Greeley can be found at
  • Public Transportation
    Greeley operates an efficient and convenient bus system, called the Greeley-Evans Transit (GET). Buses do not run on Sunday or on major holidays. You can purchase a Student bus ticket for a reduced cost at the Aims Cashier’s office.  Please see for bus schedules.
  • Transportation to other cities is provided by the Greyhound Bus Lines. The location of the station is 1030 7th Avenue (Housed with Econo Rate Rent A Car), 970-353-5050;
  • Transportation between Greeley and the Denver airport is available from:
  • Bicycle shops offer bike sales and rentals and can be found by in the telephone directory or by Googling “bicycles Greeley CO”.