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Tutoring Services

Online Tutoring

We now offer online and distance tutoring assistance by request during our advertised Greeley drop-in hours. 
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Online and distance tutoring assistance is available to enrolled Aims students (those attending classes on campus or online or both.) 

To request distance tutoring, email Please provide the following information in your email:

After receiving your email, it can be up to 24 hours before we contact you to schedule your session. Tutors will arrange with the student how to best coordinate tutoring (Skype, phone call, etc.) Tutoring sessions will be approximately 45 minutes long.


What we do

What we don't do

Our goal is to foster independent writers, able to self-edit.



Another awesome online resource is our Aims' Student Lingo workshops.

Check out these interactive on-demand workshops, action plans and valuable resources to help you achieve your academic goals. Watch these 30-minute workshops anywhere you have access to the iIternet and a computer or tablet day or night!