Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction

Services Available

Tutoring Services offers free tutoring services to all currently enrolled Aims students. We use a comprehensive approach that includes students, faculty, and tutors.

  • Student responsibility for learning
    • Meet with your instructor
    • Form study groups with fellow students
    • Attend Supplemental Instruction, Guided Study Groups, "faculty corners," and drop-in tutoring
  • Faculty involvement
    • Review applications for Individual Tutoring
    • Continue support through communication with students, office hours, and participation in “faculty corners”
  • Tutoring Services
    • Encourage student responsibility for learning
    • Provide targeted sessions on essential concepts and assignments
    • Support faculty and the campus community

Tutoring in selected courses is available on all four campuses for students needing academic assistance. Students must check in with Learning Commons staff to access tutoring.

Drop-in tutoring begins the 1st dayof the semester. Hours are limited and vary according to subject.

Individual tutoring sessions are 30 minutes long. Students need to take proactive steps prior to receiving individual tutoring.

These steps are listed on the Application for Individual Tutoring form which is available in the Learning Commons, or download the Application for Individual Tutoring in .pdf format. Please complete the application and turn it into the Information Desk in the Learning Commons. Check your email regularly for communications.

Please call for available subjects, hours, or additional questions.

  • Greeley: (970) 339-6541
  • Loveland: (970) 667-4611, extension 3304
  • Fort Lupton: (303) 718-5905

NEW We now offer study skills sessions for Aims students. 

Our Success Coaches in Greeley can meet with you to assist you in:

  • Time management
  • Note taking
  • Test preparation
  • Effective studying
  • and more!

Complete the Study Skills Request Form and turn in to the Information Desk at the Learning Commons.