Tutorial Services & Supplemental Instruction

Guided Study Groups

Tutoring Services encourages students to form study groups amongst themselves to maximize learning. These can be informal groups with meeting times agreed upon by all members. Aims students also have the opportunity to benefit from Guided Study Groups (GSG). These groups meet regularly in the Learning Commons with a skilled tutor present to facilitate each meeting. Guided Study Groups can be formed by students, faculty, or Tutoring Services.

  • Study Groups encourage students to think independently as well as become comfortable participating as a member of a team - often required of today's workforce

  • Generally, students who study in groups and stay on task learn 2-1/2 times faster and retain information easier than students who study alone

  • Students are expected to take an active role in the learning process with a knowledgeable tutor to assist as needed

  • Attendance is taken at each Guided Study Group session for statistical purposes – student information remains confidential

Please call for additional information:

  • Greeley: (970) 339-6541
  • Fort Lupton: (303) 718-5905
  • Loveland: (970) 667-4611, extension 3304