STAR (STudent Achievement & Retention)


College Center
Room 154
(970) 339-6607

Stop-Out Report

If you miss two consecutive weeks of class without notification and/or arrangements with your instructor, you will be reported as a Stop Out. Once you are reported as a stop out both the records office and the Retention Coordinator sends out notification to you. You have several options at the point of notification; however those options diminish depending upon how many days you have missed of your classes.

The options include the following:

  1. Seek tutoring to get caught up in class
  2. Start attending class again
  3. Complete the withdrawal process for the class (prior to withdraw deadline)

It is important to take care of this situation immediately upon notification. Until you actually withdraw from the class you will remain on the roster and are in danger of receiving an “F” for the class.

If you are receiving financial aid – being reported as a “stop out” may affect your FA status. Once your last date of attendance is reported to the financial aid office the process of returning title IV money is initiated that could result in a repayment obligation to the institution. It is important to not only take care of this issue with your instructor, but also with the financial aid office.

If you start attending the class again, your instructor needs to remove the last date of attendance from their grade roster.

Our goal is to provide you with options so that you can make a decision that will be in your best interest.

For further information regarding the STAR program at Aims Community College, please visit the links on the left side of the screen. For further information call the Student Success Center at (970) 339-6251.