Making Good Study Habits by Tara Lafferty

Having a plan of action on hand for studying can make your grades go from barely passing to having an above average grade! I figured out what worked for me. I had grades that were just barely passing, and now I have a regular GPA that ranges above a 3.5 or higher every semester.

I start by creating good study habits and being EXCITED about what I’m learning. I know that this is sometimes hard to do, but when there’s a will, there’s a way. I myself try to find something within the class that has to do with something I’m interested in. Math, for example, is a subject a lot of people do not enjoy. I found that the sense of accomplishment I got when I got an answer right made it worth my while to learn it. That’s how I made it exciting. With English I don’t enjoy grammar, but because I love creative writing I focused my writing on the story and eventually learned the grammar I needed to know to pass my classes.

Next, I find different ways to study. In the classes before the test there is always reading, lectures, and homework. I try to take in as much as I can during this time making connections to what the teacher is saying to my life. I do all my homework because repetition is the key to memorization. My dad taught me the trick of reading through my notes after every class and then reading through them a few times before each test or quiz. I also have either my mom or a friend of mine ask me questions pertaining to the upcoming test while I have to verbally answer back. This can take awhile so plan to give yourself what I like to call “brain breaks”. Give yourself 15 to 20 minutes of something fun to do. Whether that’s food or a fun game app is your choice. It only needs to get you to relax, and get you out of your mind a bit. When you start feeling drained from work that’s when you know you need a break. I would also suggest snacks during these breaks, I like to call “brain food”.  Some people do better with notecards, and others prefer just looking at the book itself for their study sessions. Each person learns differently. I suggest you try several types of study methods and find which ways work best for you.

Last but not least, get a good night’s sleep and don’t bring your worries about the test to the test. I’ve always yielded better results on my tests when I tell myself that I will do the best I can and that’s all I can do. Feel proud of your accomplishment big or small.  It can help to motivate and keep pushing yourself to doing better and better in school.

Benefits of Joining Clubs here at Aims Community College by Tara Lafferty

I’ve been in many of the clubs at Aims including Phi Theta Kappa, the Aims English Honor Society, the Aims Music Club, and more.  What’s great about Aims is there is a club for just about everyone ranging from the arts to the sciences.  If you find that Aims doesn’t have a club to your liking, you can actually create a club. If you would like to create one, you just go down to the Student Life Office and talk to Randee Morris.  She’ll give you all the information you need to build your own club.
What are the benefits of being a member in a club?  Well first off it’s a chance for personal growth. I used to be the girl walking down the halls of the school with my hair covering as much of my face as possible while still having enough sight to keep straight, holding my books against myself.  When I started participating in clubs I began getting out of the shell that I’d created around myself.  I learned to be confident in who I was and what I had accomplished.  Failure was no longer something that I looked at to be a complete negative.  Failure turned into a learning experience instead.  Joining a club also helped in me to find people who have similar likes and dislikes, creating more than a club, but also a friend circle.  They became people I could rely on and do a lot of fun things with.  Hanging out with a lot of friends, never really happened often for me until I joined some clubs.  Now I have a bunch load of people I can have fun with.  It’s a great feeling!
Joining clubs also gave me some great references for jobs and furthering my college.  I’m planning on going to UNC after Aims so recommendations will really help in getting me where I want to go.  I now have some great information to use for my resumes.  This will help me when I look for a job because it will let me stand out more.  Standing out is a big way employers look at to decide who to choose.  It gave me a great knowledge base on how to work with others, and I can use this knowledge to impress potential employers at an interview.  Recommendations are important to use to get into college and I plan to use my involvement to further my schooling. 
Take these points into consideration when someone invites you to their club like many have done for me.  It will be a great time for fun and personal growth.

Tips for Success from McKayla Nelson

McKayla Nelson

Hello, fellow Aims students.  My name is McKayla Nelson and I am the Student Government Vice President of Academic Affairs for the Associated Students of Aims Community College (ASACC).  Here are my “Tips for Success”.  My first tip for success is to communicate with your professors.  My first semester at Aims, I had to miss the week of midterms for my brother’s wedding. I communicated with my professors explaining to them that I would be gone that week.  I made sure that two weeks before I would be gone they knew I needed my midterm early. If you communicate with your professors, they will work with you.  My next tip for success is to ask for help.  Whenever I am struggling with math homework, science homework, or even an essay, I always find myself in the tutoring center in the Learning Commons. The tutoring center is a free program with many hours that you can walk in and get the help you need to be successful. The tutors are always willing to work with me and explain the material so I can understand it and finish my homework. My last tip is to get involved.  Aims is full of clubs and events. There is something for everyone and their passion. I am currently involved in three clubs. I have met many new friends and staff members that have helped me have a better college experience. Communicate, ask for help, and get involved!  Just like me, you will enjoy your college experience at Aims. 

Meet Sierra Finders

Sierra Finders

I'm the Financial Success Peer Educator for ASACC. What does that mean, you ask? Well, it is a brand new position for ASACC, and it revolves around educating students about their financial wellness. I work with Smart Cents Financial Wellness Program to bring the community fun and interesting ways to learn about their finances through events. I am also studying to earn my Emergency Medical Assistant Degree, and hope to move on to Med School in the future.

Meet Celina Donohue

Celina Donohue

Hi! My name is Celina. I am the Student Peer Educator for Sexual Health Programming. What is sexual health? Well putting it into one sentence is no easy task because throughout several societies sexual health has different standards of the definition. Because of this, ASACC (Associated Student of Aims Community College) has created a series of sexual health events that enables students to ask questions and gain information to create their own ideas of what sexual health is. It is my job to create those events to be fun and educational.  I am also a student at Aims Community College. I’m really excited to meet new people and to have a constructive college experience. I love gaming and usually play RPGs (role playing games). I occasionally play first person shooter games. I enjoy reading and my favorite sport is Kendo.