Permanent Tattoos Not So Permanent?

By Tara Lafferty, Vice President of Public Relations, Student Government Association

Lately, I have been looking at cool gadgets that people are inventing around the world to make life better for everyone. Gadgets ranging from bike gloves that signal cars when you are making a turn to harvesting honey from bees without the hassle of even having to lift the lid. I bet Winnie-the-Pooh would have loved that one!

One of the coolest gadgets, that is not quite on the market, would have to be tattoo removal cream, invented by a guy named Alec Falkenham. It is supposed to be able to remove permanent tattoos by using the human body’s own cells to consume the cells holding the ink. This would provide a painless and less expensive method to removing unwanted tattoos. It is currently being tested to bring this new invention “From Darkness” into the light of future consumers.

Do you think that this is a good idea? Is it okay to change the definition of a permanent tattoo if using a cream can eliminate it? Would you use this product? Are there any other cool gadgets that you know about? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Children Snatched by Social Workers against Free-Range Parenting

By Tara Lafferty, Vice President of Public Relations, Student Government Association

It can be agreed that most everyone has a their own style of parenting. Some parents ground their children when they are bad and reward them when they are good. Some parents have restrictions on where their children can play while others, like the couple in Maryland, believe their children should have the freedom to go to places like the nearby park without the need to be escorted by an adult.

It is understandable to see where Children's Protective Services are coming from, in the fact that there are predators out there looking for kids, that this could be a potential danger to them. But it is also understandable to see why this couple is raising their children in this manner. They decided that despite the potential danger, letting them go to the park and other places on their own teaches them to be responsible and confident in themselves. Their two children have been picked up by Children's Protective Services twice now, the second time at 4:55 p.m. at a park. They were to be home by 6 p.m. but didn’t arrive home in time because the officers did not take them home until 10:30 p.m. They did not tell the parents where the children were until 8 p.m. saying that instead of taking them directly home they thought the safety of the children was more important.

Whether Free-Range parenting is “The Movement” that will become the more socially acceptable way of raising kids, or having children always being watched by an adult becomes the new social norm is yet to be seen.

What do you think is the better way of raising kids? Do you think that this Maryland couple has the right to choose how to raise their kids or do you think that there has to be more laws put into place on how children should be raised? Finally do you think that it was fair for Children's Protective Services to take the kids and not inform the parents until hours later?

If you would like to read the news article for yourself you can go to this link:

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New Flagpoles on the Greeley Campus

By McKayla Nelson, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Student Government Association

On Military day, April 10, 2015 the newly installed flagpoles on Aims Community College, Greeley Campus will be dedicated to all Aims Veterans, past, present, and future.

This project has been part of the Aims Veterans club since fall semester of 2012. The Aims Veterans Club decided to pursue this project because the existing campus flagpole, in front of Cornerstone, was not visible from the main campus area. In fall semester of 2014, it was brought to the Student Government Association's attention that the Veterans club had been working very diligently on the project. However, it was still not complete and the club members were asking for assistance. This project was not only important to the Student Government Association, the Aims Veterans Club, and the United States Military Veterans; it was also important to the entire campus to help promote patriotism.

McKayla Nelson, Vice President of Academic Affairs was having a conversation with some family friends about her new position on campus and the flagpole project that had been brought to the board’s attention. A few weeks later, Jim Davis with Red Willow Construction, located in Windsor Colorado, informed McKayla that he would like to purchase two, thirty-five foot flagpoles, the solar lights for the flagpoles, and donate them to the college. Along with the flagpole donation, his team would donate their time and labor to install the flagpoles on the Aims Community College, Greeley Campus.

Dawn LeClair, Vice President of Student Development (as well as a member of the Aims Veterans Club), worked hard alongside McKayla Nelson to go through the process of getting the flagpole project approved by all of the departments involved. After months of hard work and dedication to the project, it was approved by all departments to move forward. The construction of the project was in full motion during Aims Community College Spring Break: March 9 through 13. More support came about to the project when Jim Davis ordered the concrete. Bernie Lucero from Martin Marietta Materials, donated all of the concrete supplies needed for the completion of the project. Along with Mr. Davis and Mr. Lucero, Ted Kuck from Kuck Mechanical Contractors LLC, donated his time and equipment needed for the installation. Mr. Davis and Mr. Kuck fully installed and completed the flagpole project on March 30, 2015.

A dedication stone, donated by the Greeley Monument Works Inc., will lie in front of the flagpoles. Dawn LeClair and McKayla Nelson worked alongside the Aims Veterans Club to ensure there was a dedication stone for the flagpoles. The dedication rock will be revealed at our ribbon cutting, dedication ceremony held on Military day (April 10, 2015) at noon. Dr. Marsi Liddell as well as Major General Trulan Eyer will give a speech to honor the dedication.

Dr. Liddell has shown full support not only to this project but also to the two veterans clubs on campus, and her deep understanding, patriotism, and support for the armed forces, as her son is a career officer in the Army.

Major General Trulan A. Eyre is Air National Guard Assistant to the Commander, Continental United States North American Aerospace Defense Command Region and 1st Air Force (Air Forces Northern), Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. In this capacity General Eyre also serves as the North American Aerospace Defense Command Region Deputy Combined Forces Air Component Commander and, in the absence of the commander, serves as the United States Air Force Title 10 Responsible Officer, encompassing four direct reporting units, ten aligned Air National guard units and more than 14 active air defense alert sites, including aircraft, air defense artillery and up to 15,000 Active Duty, National Guard, Air Force Reserve and civilian personnel. General Eyre regularly instructs the 1st Air Force (Air Forces Northern) portion of the Dual Status Commander's Course to Army and Air Force general officers.

The dedication of the flagpoles will culminate many years of hard work by students of Aims Community College including student Veterans. Student Government Association and the Aims Veteran Club would personally like to thank everyone that made this project possible.

Blog Contest Instructions

By Tara Lafferty, Vice President of Public Relations, Student Government Association

So today is the first day of the Blog Contest!

Are you excited to have a chance to win some prizes? If you would like to be entered for a prize here’s what you need to do.  From today, April 6th to April 20th, I will be writing up blogs with hidden words planted in them. The idea is to find these “words of the week” and at the end of the competition date, send an email with the complete sentence to You can find the words of the week by identifying words that don’t fit the sentence and has an added hint or symbol. As a helpful hint I’ll say that the first “words of the week” have been added to this blog post. I hope that those of you that think “Education Is” important will enjoy having a bit of fun doing this. If there are any questions please comment below.



Peace Officers

By Tara Lafferty, Vice President of Public Relations, Student Government Association of Aims Community College

For those of you who have heard the constant stories about the strained relationships between law enforcement officers and their communities, I wanted to bring up a positive story regarding police officers. In Farmington, New Hampshire, police officers came up with a way to lift spirits during the cold winter season. They decided to issue gift cards to people who continued to follow simple laws such as: crossing the street at crosswalks, leash their dogs while walking, and using turn signals. It’s a simple gift card for pizza and french fries, but its actually having the added effect of strengthening the relationship of the police department and the community they serve.

In light of this, do you think this would be something that other police departments could do? Do you think there’s something the community could do for the police department? How do you think something like this would affect the area you live? Would you feel better about your local police department if they gave you a gift card for obeying the rules? Let me know in the comment section below.

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