Art Destruction: What have we lost? by Tara Lafferty, SGA, VP of Public Relations

You might have heard from popular news channels, radio stations, or by another student, that more historical art has been destroyed. Many priceless sculptures have been destroyed including the Assyrian Bull that dates back to the 7th century BC. Do you think that the loss of these art pieces will have a big impact on how art is seen by different people? Do you think art is a beneficial part of human society? Let me know how you feel about this recent movement of art being destroyed. 

Locks on Words by Tara Lafferty, SGA, VP of Public Relations

In the past week I have been hearing various stories about how college school systems are offering controversial classes that teach students how to not say politically offensive words. This brings up the question of whether this is something that all colleges will consider in the future and if it stays in the bounds of what is constitutional. Some of those who are for it say that it gives people the opportunity to exclude hurtful words from their vocabulary, and prevent harmed feelings during a conversation, while others say words can have alternative meanings in different places, and what could be hurtful one place could be completely acceptable in other. Those against it also look at it as encroaching on the constitutional amendment on having the freedom of speech. Looking at the current issue, do you think it is okay to teach students on what not to say to other people during a regular conversation for the purpose of eliminating words that could potentially harm another’s emotional feelings?  Or do you fall on the other side of the argument? Let me know what you think of the current issue and why you think that. 

Life Hacks: Do they work? by Tara Lafferty, SGA, VP of Public Relations

Lately there have been a lot of Pinterest posts and YouTube videos on life hacks, which got me thinking that maybe some of you Aims students have tried some yourself. If you have ever tried a life hack, which one did you try? Did it work for you or did it not have the results you wanted? Either way I am interested to hear about it.  Please comment below if there are any hacks you have done or want to do. You could even include the link to the hack and I’ll try it myself (and share the results). 

Internet Leashed by Government? by Tara Lafferty, SGA, VP of Public Relations

In current events it has been said the President Obama has started a campaign to put the government in control of how the Internet is run. I had hoped to be unbiased when presenting the facts to you, but it is proving difficult since almost all the information I have come across is against the new policy. 

On the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website, which is a government site making it hopefully the least biased, the actual plan has not been released to the public, and is stated that it will only be released after the plan is accepted.  There are four big changes President Obama’s plan would do. There would be a shift of government control of the internet, increased consumers’ monthly broadband bills, slower internet speed, business will turn into a monopoly potentially harming small businesses.

With this in mind what do you think about this new policy? Do you think it’s beneficial for the Government to take control over the Internet or do you think it could bring about negative change?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

If you would like to read the FCC statement on this new policy here is the link:  . If you do not agree with what I have stated, I invite you to do your own research, and post what you find.

Aims Hacks by Tara Lafferty, SGA, VP of Public Relations

So I’ve been at Aims for a while, and in that time I have picked up some tricks to getting around college life. This is the second group of tricks I can think of which includes:

1. Use DegreeWorks on MyAims under the Student tab, Advising box.
2. Have your class schedule as ready as possible before meeting with an advisor.
3. Coffee shops are a great place to study.
4. Dress for success.
5. Ask the IT guys at Aims for help with computer problems.

If you would like to know why these tips have helped me at Aims, ask me in the comment section below, or you have tips of your own, tell me what trick you have picked up, and how its helped you at Aims.