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Student Government Association - Student President



The President serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the Associated Students of Aims Community College and the Student Government Association, represents the students at Aims to the College Trustees, Aims Foundation Board, administration, faculty, staff as well as entities outside the college community, and acts as the liaison for the student needs on the Loveland and Ft. Lupton campuses.  This is a term-limited position.

Desirable Qualifications:
At least one semester of experience in a leadership role on the SGA Board or other leadership experience relevant to small groups or student governments. Experience is preferred in conducting meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order, Revised.

Collin Felix

Student President

Student Government Association

2013 - 2014


About Collin:

1. Who are you?
Collin Felix, I graduated class of 2012 from University Schools. I came to AIMS in the autumn of 2012.
2. Why did you apply to SGA?
I enjoy volunteering and thought it would be a good opportunity. I have a goal to learn to interview people confidently and to market myself.
3. Why are you serving and what are some responsibilities you have?
I enjoy helping other people and want to leave AIMS better than when I arrived to make it a better place for the students. I report to the board of trustees monthly about ASACC activities, I run SGA meetings, and I try to push others to be the best they can be.
4. What are some activities you helped out with for SGA?

In the fall, I helped put together “Fall-In”, Constitution Day activities, a “Meet-the-Candidate” forum for the newest member to the board of trustees, and I helped with the Student Involvement Fair. I also try to help with many Student Peer Education Council programs as often as I can.
5. What has been the most personally rewarding experience you have had while president?
When students approach me and say that they enjoy what ASACC is doing, or when people give me ideas for new programs they want to see implemented into the AIMS curriculum. I also felt honored to receive the AIMS SGA Member of the Semester award for Fall 2013 semester.