Student Life

SGA - Student Vice President of Campus Life



The Vice President of Campus Life serves on the SGA Executive Council and Student House of Representatives, represents students on college related maintenance and development committees, is a voting member of ASACC, serves as Treasurer for SGA/ASACC, co-chairs the Student Fee Review Committee, ASACC Compensation Committee, represents students on college related finance committees, coordinates student sponsored campus improvement and beautification projects, and chairperson for the Special Projects Committee.

Sarah Mitchell

Student Vice President of Campus Life

Student Government Association

2013 - 2014


About Sarah:


1. Who are you?
Sarah Mitchell. I’m a “supermom” with four kids and I love life. I am a unique individual.


2. Why did you apply to SGA?
I wanted to improve my resume, rule the school (her words, not mine!), and I hope to gain valuable leadership skills to promote my post-educational career. I want to make a difference.


3. Why are you serving/what are some responsibilities you have?
I want to go into an environmental degree, so my position on the board coincides with the future of my career.


4. What are some activities you helped out with for SGA?
I coordinated the flood relief donation drive, I’m currently working on getting water-bottle stations to be available on-campus, and I’m working on a “fantastic” Earth Week that will be the “best ever in the history of ever”.


5. What has been your personal impact on the campus environment?
I hope it will be the water-bottle filling stations as my legacy. I hope to have them on all AIMS campuses, and I also hope that during Earth Week students will become more educated about environmental protection.