Student Leadership & Development

SPEC - Student Peer Educator for Sexual Health

Celina Donohue

Celina Donohue

Student Peer Educator for Sexual Health

Student Peer Education Council

2014 - 2015


The Student Peer Educator for Sexual Health is responsible for the administration and implementation of activities which will educate the student about maintaining sexual health including issues such as communication, sexually transmitted infections, sexual orientation, gender studies, abstinence, and more.  The primary focus of this position will be to provide up-to-date information and generationally relevant awareness programming about responsible and save sexual behavior and choices.  Programmatic responsibilities include: coordinating at least one educational event on topics related to sexual health each month of the semester (ie: STI prevention, World AIDS Day, abstinence/birth control methods, date rape/domestic violence, etc).  This position will serve on various ASACC committees.