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Why join an Aims student club or organization?





  • Be more satisfied with your college experience and earn your degree.
  • Meet new people and make new friends!
  • Feel a sense of connection.
  • Get valuable experience in project work and team building.
  • It looks great on a resume! Employers like employees who can work with others, go beyond basic expectations, and complete projects.
  • Draw upon other members as a resource for your studies or educational experiences.
  • Challenge yourself to explore new things.
  • Get involved outside of the classroom to reinforce the learning that happens inside the classroom.
  • Make a difference. Student clubs members help plan events on campus, serve their community, and participate in national conferences. Leave your own legacy at Aims!
  • Don’t regret not having the whole college experience.
  • Don't forget… You can get involved at ANY point during your time at Aims. Don't limit your new experiences to your first semester! Try something new.
  • It's true; you will get out of Aims and your college experience what you put into it!
How do I join a club? Joining an Aims club or organization is easy and rewarding. Check out the Aims Clubs and Organizations web pages. Each site will have a list of planned events, meeting information, and club mission statement. No matter what your interest, Aims offers a variety of student organizations and clubs for you to get involved today!
  • Email the club advisor.
  • Drop by a club event.
  • Volunteer to help at an event. Volunteers are always appreciated!
  • Check out a club meeting.
  • Contact Randee Morris, Coordinator of Co-Curricular Programs, or call 970-339-6259.
  • Drop by the Student Leadership & Development Office, College Center, Room 130.
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