Student Leadership & Development

Student Leadership & Development

Smart Cents Financial Wellness Program @ Aims

The goal of the Smart Cents Financial Wellness Program @ Aims Community College is to help students learn to manage money effectively and make wise financial decisions. The Smart Cents Financial Wellness Program is committed to creating a culture of financial empowerment on campus and lifelong learning that enhances the student experience.


The program will help students:

  • Learn how to plan, track, and review income, savings, and expenses.
  • Learn how to establish and manage credit.
  • Create a financial survival plan for college.
  • Understand their credit reports and scores.
  • Create a personalized budget.
  • Plan for tuition and fee payments.
  • Create repayment plans for student loans and personal debt.
  • Plan for expenses and living costs after college.
  • Schedule personal and confidential consultations with trained professionals from GreenPath student services.

Another awesome online resource is our Aims' Student Lingo workshops.


Check out these interactive on-demand workshops, action plans and valuable resources to help you achieve your academic goals. Watch these 30-minute workshops anywhere you have access to the internet and a computer or tablet day or night!


All Financial Wellness Sessions by Greenpath are confidential and by appointment. To make your appointment email or stop by the Student Leadership & Development Office in room 130 of the College Center.

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