Student Leadership & Development

Student Leadership & Development

Loveland Campus Toilet Paper

July 18, 2016 Installment

Full-Term Course Withdrawal

July 19


Deadline for
Fall 2016

July 21


Last Day of Summer Semester 2016 & Summer Final Tuition and Fees Payment Deadline
August 3


College Closed
(4-Day Schedule Ends)

August 5


Scheduled Network Down Day
August 14


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The Truth About the Sun


“I am wearing sunscreen, so I am completely protected from the sun.”

No amount of sunscreen offers complete protection from the sun. People often use sunscreen incorrectly, such as not applying it ahead of time or not re-
applying throughout the day.


“I have not paid any attention to sun safety in the past. It is too late to start now.”

This is not true. Proper sun safety can actually reverse past sun damage.


“I have dark skin. It's
impossible for me to get skin cancer.”

Although skin cancer is more common in fair-skinned people who have the tendency to burn easily, dark-skinned people who do not protect their skin from the sun are susceptible to developing skin cancer.


“It is cloudy out, I don’t need sun protection.”

Believe it or not, it is just as important on cloudy days to have protection from the sun. The sun's powerful ultraviolet rays can penetrate through clouds, haze, and fog (up to 80 percent).





Volunteer Opportunity


The seventh annual Weld Project Connect will be held from noon - 4:30 p.m. October 14, 2016, at Island Grove Park (North 14th Avenue and D Street) in Greeley. The event will provide free on-site, one-on-one services for individuals and families in Weld County who need help due to housing instability, job loss, underemployment, health issues and many other critical issues that can impact life. Hundreds of volunteers will lend a helping hand to more than 1,000 Weld County residents who are invited to attend this one-day event and receive free services from health and human service agencies, area businesses and community organizations. This year’s event will feature several agencies specifically for veterans.


Many organizations and agencies collaborate on Weld Project Connect, including the City of Greeley, Weld County Government, United Way of Weld County and Northern Colorado Medical Center, Inc. Last year, Weld Project Connect served more than 1,000 residents. Volunteers are also needed from all backgrounds and experience levels to help our neighbors regain their footing in life. For more information and/or to fill out a volunteer registration form, visit the website at or call 2-1-1 or

1-800-559-5590. Find us on Facebook at
to learn more about Weld Project Connect.