Student Leadership & Development

Student Leadership & Development

Loveland Campus Toilet Paper

May 31, 2016 Installment

Classes Begin
May 31


First 5-Week Mini-Session
May 31 - June 30


Full-Term Course Add Deadline
June 2


Full-Term Course Drop Deadline
June 8


Scheduled Network Down Day
June 12


Midterm Week
June 27-30


Independence Day
(College Closed)
July 4


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Online Summer Workshops


“StudentLingo” is brought to you by iFocus. Watch online workshops available 24x7 at

Examples of available workshops include:

• Discover your Learning Style *
• Exploring Careers & Choosing A Major *
• Financial Literacy: Smart Money Skills for College and Beyond
• How to Succeed in Math
• Mastering the Job
Interview *
• Navigating the Financial Aid Process *
• Reading Comprehension Strategies
• Stress Management Techniques: How to
Minimize Stress in College
• Study Tips & Note-Taking Strategies
• Taking Tests Online: Strategies for Success
• Test Anxiety: Strategies to Help You Succeed *
• Time Management
• What it Takes to Be A Successful College Student *

*Available in Spanish


Join a Student Club at Aims!


Being a member of a student organization can be an important factor in the success and satisfaction of your college experience! For more information about student clubs at Aims, email or visit the Aims Student Clubs and Organizations page on the Aims website at

You are What You Email


Your emails to your professor help shape their professional opinion about you. In some settings, email is the dominant opportunity for the professor to form an opinion about you. Every email adds to the professor’s profile. Read the email before you send it. A lot of people don't bother to read an email before they send it out, as can be seen from the many spelling and grammar mistakes contained in emails. Apart from this, reading your mail through the eyes of the recipient will help you send a more effective message and avoid misunderstandings and inappropriate comments.
(Source: e-mail-etiquette-adapted-academia)

Student Mediation, Assistance, and Advocacy Program (MAAP)


If a student has a complaint, issue, concern, or problem with a college employee or department, another student or an instructional situation, the first step is to contact the Student Mediation, Assistance and Advocacy Program (MAAP) Office, located in the Student Leadership and Development office in the College Center, room 130. The MAAP office is charged with assisting students and resolving their issues informally.