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Business Attire

Dressing professionally is a crucial part of being successful in the career world.  By dressing professionally, you show others that you are serious about your position, and in doing so they will take your ability to perform the job more seriously.  Your clothing also shows others that you have respect for them and yourself.  Like it or not, your appearance plays an important part in the level of success you achieve in your chosen career.      

The two most common forms of professional attire are Business Casual* and Business Professional (also known as Business Formal).  While some businesses vary on the definitions, the links below will provide a general idea of what attire is acceptable in the professional world.     

*When attending functions held by TRiO/CORE, like the Academic Awards Reception & End of the Year Reception, we request that you choose attire that fits into the Business Casual category.  Please consider the following links before heading out to a TRiO/CORE function:

Pictorial Examples of Business Casual

How to Dress Business Casual: Men (Business Casual Tips for Men)

How to Dress Business Casual: Women (Business Casual Tips for Women)

Business Casual Attire Tips for Men and Women (Excellent list of tips)

You don't have to break the bank to find professional clothing.  Look through your closet for items you may already have.  Take some time to scour thrift shops, consignment stores, off-price retailers like Ross, T.J. Maxx & Marshall's, discount stores like Target & Wal-mart, auction sites like Ebay, discount online stores, and also look for coupon codes for other online retailers. 

Business Etiquette

As a member of the workforce, it is important to conduct yourself in a professional manner.  Please take a look at the following link which outlines proper business etiquette. from Arcadia University