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Participation Requirements for Current TRiO and CORE Students

As members of the TRiO & CORE programs, current students have agreed to the following participation requirements:

Participation Requirements

  • Must be enrolled and attend classes at Aims
  • Must attend a minimum of two advising sessions per semester with assigned academic advisor.
  • Must complete financial literacy requirements as defined by the TRiO & CORE programs.
  • Must complete a minimum of two of the following (students MUST sign in to receive credit for services): iFocus! Workshops, Writers' Community, 7 Habits Workshop, TRiO & CORE sponsored workshops; Transfer Initiatives, Tutoring, Strengths Quest Workshop, Helping Hands, etc. See your advisor for details and additional opportunities for activities.
  • Please review the "Program Features" tab on the right hand side of the webpage for additional information on specific program details or ask us for more details.

The TRiO & CORE programs at Aims Community College are participation based; Students who do not meet the participation requirements may be considered inactive and removed from the program.