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Academic Coaching & Tutoring

We are proud to offer academic coaching and tutoring as part of the free services for participants of the TRiO & CORE programs.

Academic Coaching - Work with a tutor to learn how to overcome barriers to your academic success. You will evaluate your learning styles, habits, time management, organization, problem solving, etc. in order to create strategies for success.

Drop-in Tutoring - Located in the TRiO & CORE office, tutors are available to work with students on specific homework questions, general questions, or study skills assistance. *Drop=in hours may fluctuate as needed so please pay attention to your weekly updates for the most current schedule.

Group Tutoring/Study Groups - Similar to Drop-in Tutoring except it is only for a specific group of students. For instance, TRiO & CORE students within the same course may be asked to join a group, either lead by a tutor or just as a group of students helping other students. Group Tutoring takes place in the TRiO & CORE office and can be scheduled outside of the Drop-in Tutoring hours.

Individual Tutoring - Tutoring with only the student and the tutor. All students requesting Individual Tutoring are asked to start with Drop-in Tutoring before they request individual tutoring from their advisor.

Students can receive up to two hours of individual tutoring a week for three weeks, or if the student has a documented disability, up to three hours a week--in three week segments. At the end of three weeks the student and tutor will reexamine the student's academic need. If the student still has a strong need for Individual Tutoring, his/her tutor will request an additional three week contract. Individual Tutoring must be recommended and approved by your TRiO or CORE academic advisor and the tutoring coordinator. After a tutor is assigned to the student, the student and tutor will work to develop a relationship through regular, honest communication.

See your TRiO or CORE advisor for more information.