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TRiO Student Support Services
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What Our Students Say

There are those of us out here that need this support to continue in our educational pursuits. School is not easy, especially for those students who have never been encouraged to go to college, those who are struggling to have a place to live, and those who want to make a better life for themselves but are riddled with self-doubt. Student Support Services is essential in keeping us in college. Because with even the smallest of encouragement, we can go on to achieve our greatest dreams.”

Nanette Bertoni
Associate of Arts 2012

Comments from students' evaluation of the 2013-2014 program

  • “The advisors really care about our education and getting us on the right track through each semester.”
  • “The tutors are amazing!”
  • “Being part of a select group of students makes it easier to talk to an advisor when needed.”
  • “Having a central space where I can come and go study, meet with advisors, receive tutoring, use computers, etc. is great and so helpful.”
  • “They make you feel welcome when you enter into the office.”
  • “Everyone is super friendly!”
  • “I love the individualized space for studying!”
  • “We love the pot lucks!”
  • “Easy access to books and scholarly resources.”
  • “I can’t say it enough, I get the support I need when I walk in the door.  They are so kind and accepting.  Even the other students make one feel they are part of a group.” 
  • “FAFSA Application Help!”
  • “The group of students are great to be around, they are all so driven.  Being around that kind of people is very beneficial.”
  • “Support and advice about school progress and my future plans.”
  • “Knowledge of schools, colleges, classes, and the ability to share that knowledge with students.”