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TRiO Student Support Services
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Vision, Mission & Values


By 2020, the TRIO Student Support Services and CORE Programs will be an exemplary model for social responsiveness, inclusivity, and transformational learning.


The TRIO Student Support Services and CORE Programs’ mission is to develop and equip historically underrepresented student populations with skills, experiences, and academic practices that assist them in achieving their educational goals and becoming strong contributing members of a 21st Century society.  We will accomplish this by providing: 1) intensive academic advising, 2) academic coaching and tutoring, 3) four-year transfer preparation, 4) education for economic and financial literacy, and 5) support and information on financial aid and scholarships at Aims Community College.

Center Values

  • Inclusion
    • Creating an environment where all people feel welcome.
    • Be responsive to the experiences and histories of our students and colleagues.
  • Respect
    • Creating an environment which honors the moment.
    • Honor and value the experiences, uniqueness, and strengths of each other.
  • Integrity
    • Demonstrate honesty by doing what is ethical.
    • Consistently think, do, and act honorably towards each individual.
  • CommUnity
    • Creating an environment where students are encouraged to contribute and willing to engage.
    • Creating opportunities for participants to engage with, and contribute to shaping the educational culture of the Center.
  • Authenticity
    • Embracing and creating a space which honors the difference of others.
    • Creating a space which encourages individuals to be themselves.
  • Service
    • Providing guidance by embracing individuals’ strengths.
    • Responding to the needs of our stakeholders in a thoughtful and meaningful way.