Testing Center

Greeley Testing Center
College Center 230 (2nd Floor)
5401 W. 20th Street
Greeley, CO 80634
phone: (970) 339-6533
fax: (970) 506-6920

Academic Testing: Proctored Class & Make-up Exams for Instructors

The Testing Center provides testing services for faculty that includes administering make-up exams for the classroom and hybrid and online courses. It is the instructor’s responsibility to complete the appropriate checklist (see below) for all tests sent to the Testing Center. Please remind your students that they will need to show a valid photo ID to take the test.

Information for Instructors:

  1. Students must obtain instructor approval to take the test in the Testing Center. The Testing Center must receive a Single Student Testing Checklist (see below) from the instructor before a student can take a make-up exam.
  2. Instructors must use the Group Testing Checklist for an entire class or small group of students. This checklist must be accompanied by a class roster.
  3. All academic testing will be conducted at the Testing Center (located in College Center 230) during posted hours. All academic tests must be completed by closing. If a student comes in to test and does not have the allotted amount of time left before closing, a testing waiver form must be signed by the student.

Academic Testing Checklist Forms

Printable Forms:


May be filled out by clicking on the VIEW tab, Edit Document. Forms can be saved and attached to an em-mail