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Board of Trustees

July 2017-June 2018 BOT Priorities & Goals of the CEO/President, Cabinet & College Council

Board Priorities

  1. Continue to develop the Board professionally.
  2. Continue to advocate for Aims Community College locally, statewide and nationally.
  3. Support the College in accomplishing its goals.
  4. Focus on and update Board policies (0-99).
  5. Continue a strategic focus on the future of the Aims Community College and how it supports the region, the State, and the Nation.

CEO/President and Cabinet Goals

  1. Continue to focus on student access and success, retention, completion & learning college culture.
  2. Continue to develop relationships with the communities in the Aims district, statewide, regionally, and nationally.
  3. Ensure fiscal stability.
  4. Ensure data-informed, meaningful reporting for decision-making.
  5. Continue to build the leadership teams of the College.

College Council Goals

  1. 2018-2023 Strategic Planning Process
  2. System-Wide Committee Organization
  3. Cabinet/College Council Communication
  4. College Values Identification

College-Wide Activities

  1. Complete strategic plan initiatives for the 2017-18 plan.
  2. Complete development of 2018-2023 strategic plan for July 1, 2018 implementation.
  3. Continue with the schedule of events for 50th ANNIVERSARY yearlong celebration to conclude December 2017.
  4. Host HLC site visit October 2017 and follow up as necessary.
  5. Continue to work with BOT in the review and update of BOT policies & procedures.*
  6. Continue BPR projects.*

* = goal/activity that will continue into the following year.