Meet Our Leadership

Laura Coale
Executive Director, Communication and Public Information Officer

Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with a Public Relations concentration (Kent State University)

Aims Community College: What is a day in the life of an executive director of communications and public information like for you?
Laura Coale: Every day is different. My day addresses making strategic decisions about advertising, responding to media inquiries, pitching positive stories to the media and all sorts of community relations requests. My goal is to be strategic and move forward, while ensuring the communications team provides excellent customer service for daily activities, such as web content, graphic design, social media and various communications.

ACC: What makes your department the best?
LC: My staff makes it the best! I work with the sweetest, most talented communications professionals. They are very creative, talented and dedicated to making Aims the best it can be.

ACC: What makes a student successful?
LC: A successful student is engaged and excited to learn, even when it may not be his or her favorite subject. If a student is finding the coursework challenging, he or she should speak to their teacher. Effort goes a long way!

ACC: What is your proudest achievement?
LC: My proudest achievement is completing my master's degree while handling a very demanding job.

ACC: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
LC: I enjoy being outdoors and also exercising during my free time. I enjoy boating, dancing, rollerblading, iceskating, hiking, snowshoeing, etc!

ACC: Best thing about being an executive director?
LC: The best thing about being an executive director is working on strategic planning and seeing ideas become reality.