Campus Safety& Security

Crisis Manager App

All Aims CC Emergency plans and procedures are now available for download on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Tablet.Crisis Manager AppBe prepared. Stay informed. Download the Aims CC Crisis Manager app. Take five minutes now to be ready when an emergency or disaster strikes.

The Crisis Manager app is a free service offered to all Aims CC students, faculty and staff. Once the app is downloaded and the plan(s) are installed, you will have unlimited access to all of our emergency procedures, even when cell service is interrupted.

Step 1.

From your device, download the free “Crisis Manager” application by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play on your smartphone.

Step 2.

Launch the CrisisManager App.

Step 3.

If you want to register, use your email. Otherwise, skip and continue to use without registering.

Step 4.

Click on the “+” symbol in the top right corner to add a plan.

Step 5.

Click the “+” symbol for “Client Plans” (first set of plans that come up).

Step 6.

Scroll down to “Aims Community College” and select “Student Emergency Procedures”.