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Air Traffic Controller Option

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Air Traffic Controller Option is designed for those seeking a career as an air traffic controller. Our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) AT-CTI designation prepares students for air traffic controller careers.

How to become an air traffic controller

Life style and qualifications

An air traffic controller must consider the lifestyle and FAA qualifications when choosing a career path.


Salary range* (per month)

Starting pay for ATC recruits* (at FAA academy) Salary

AT-CTI graduates


Veterans Appointments


Retired military controllers

At facility  

Based on class of facility and seniority

$4,750 - 11,580


Longmont Center

$12,300 - 14,350

*Note: Plus per diem while at the FAA academy

Course of Study

Estimated Costs

  In District Out-of-District WUE Out-of-State

College tuition and fees:

$ 5,453

$ 8,147



Lab Fees:





Approximate total costs for program:

$ 9,673

$ 12,367

$ 15,993

$ 33,235

*Costs subject to change at any time.
*Flight costs based on FAA minimum flight hours.  Individual students may require additional flight hours.
*Costs may vary with choice of electives.
*Estimated costs based as of Fall 2014