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Early ChildhoodEducation

UNC Students Taking Classes at Aims

How to apply for admission to Aims for the ECE program:

  1. Visit the Prospective Students page and click #1: Apply for Admission to Aims and complete the application. In the box under Course of Study Information, check Not pursuing degree or certificate. This will allow you to register for your first semester. During that semester, make an appointment to meet with an Early Childhood advisor to complete your Aims academic plan.

How to select Early Childhood Education courses:

  1. Go to the Early Childhood Education page on the Aims website. This page contains the information that you will need while enrolled in the ECE program. At the bottom of this page, click on the hyperlink ‘taken in order’ for a PDF file of a pyramid to find out how the ECE classes progress and build on one another. Department advising is required to take classes out of sequence.
  2. Visit the Current and Upcoming Class Schedules to select your classes and note the CRN number which you will use when you register.
  3. The Lab/Practicums/Internships tab contains all the information you will need to enroll in all lab classes, including ECE 102, ECE 112, ECE 180, ECE 261, and ECE 280.

How to register for classes:

  1. After you have received notification of your acceptance to Aims, you will be issued a student username and password. 

    You will use this information to log in to your myAims account on the homepage. At the top of this page, you will see a student tab. Click on this tab and click on add/drop classes. Enter the class CRN number in the boxes at the bottom of the page.

How to pay for classes at Aims:

  1. If you are applying for the one FREE class per semester, view the UNC Student Coming to Aims page. Please read this page carefully, then print and sign it. The form can be submitted by scanning and emailing it to the Cashier’s Office at or brought to the Cashiers Office when you register for classes. The UNC Cooperative Agreement should be submitted before the start of classes, so that a hold can be placed on the account preventing the student from being dropped from class. The absolute latest that the cashier can receive the completed form is by Aims drop date.
  2. After you register for your class(es) at Aims, you will be automatically directed to the payment site. You can pay online or arrange a payment plan. Pay attention to payment deadlines or you will be dropped from your class(es).

NOTE: Class start dates for both UNC and Aims may be different. You are responsible for following the Aims calendar for Aims classes. 

Christine Wiedeman, Department Chair
(970) 339-6408