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Graphic Design &Rich Media

Graphic Design & Rich Media

Choose a program that excites you and gives you the opportunity to use your creativity through design and technology. The Aims Graphic Design and Rich Media program will show you how to communicate using typography, color, photography and illustrations together for print, web and animation design.

Featured Certificate: Graphics, Web and Motion Certificate

Combine your love for creative work with the skills to complete technical tasks. This certificate offers the benefits of both for a rewarding career in a number of design and media studios. 

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Program Mission

To provide quality education that prepares the learner to become a member of the profession of Graphic Design, Web Design & Animation, with training in soft skills, software and creative solutions, meeting the needs of a diverse population, in an ever-changing information environment in both rural and/or urban settings.

Career opportunities:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Illustrator
  • Page Layout
  • Web Designer
  • Animator (2D or 3D)
  • 3D Model making and texture mapping 
  • Motion Graphic Designer
    Video Game Art (Character)
    Concept or Sketch Art (Scenes/Environments)
    Storyboard Art (Cartoonist/Comic Artist)

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