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Rad Tech Admissions Process

Acceptance into the the Radiography Program is a 2-step process.  Students first apply to a course called "RTE 101:  Introduction to Radiologic Technology".  Students must then successfully complete RTE 101  to be invited into the Radiography Program.  

In order to apply for RTE 101, students must complete all admission requirements, as well as all pre-application coursework.  Each April, instructions for applying to RTE101 will be posted on our website and available through September. Submission of RTE 101 application materials occurs between the first and last working day of September.   Please know that submission of materials does not guarantee acceptance into RTE 101 or the Radiography Program.

In the event there are more applicants than openings, the following point system will be used for ranking.  Applicants with the highest rank, will be invited into RTE 101 first.

Please view the online orientation for more information.