Intensive English

About the Intensive English Language program

Introduction to the Intensive English Language Program
The introductory portion of the English Language Program is designed to prepare our community residents for full access to our community college and to participate fully in the Intensive English Language Program.

Students from our community will have the opportunity to improve basic reading, writing, grammar, individual listening and speaking skills. The goal is to promote and to build English language competencies in students for personal, social, educational and professional purposes.

The Intensive English Language Program
The Aims Intensive English Language program is both a bridge to many educational opportunities and a pathway to professional achievement. It avails both international students and community residents of learning opportunities that are provided in a safe, diverse and productive environment.

Students in the Intensive English Language program can expect to be positively challenged, immersed in an English language environment and engaged in both interactive and structured activities. This program is intended for students who wish to achieve academically and to advance in coursework at Aims or other institutions of higher learning.

Regardless of whether students are in introductory or advanced courses, our ultimate goal is to offer the necessary support to become bilingual professionals.