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 Cerisa Reynolds
Instructor, Anthropology
(970) 339-6331

Cerisa is an anthropologist who is passionately interested in teaching students about all things human. Early in life, she realized she was fascinated by the various ways people live their lives. She wanted to learn all about different marriage practices, different religions and belief systems, as well as different methods for acquiring one's resources. Anthropology was the path to learning – continually – about past and present peoples, and she feels blessed to have found a discipline she truly loves.

She received her B.A. in Anthropology from Fort Lewis College (Durango, Colorado) and her M.A. and Ph.D. (also in Anthropology) from the University of Iowa (Iowa City, Iowa). Though she considers herself to be a broadly trained anthropologist, her specialty is archaeology, and she is especially interested in the diets of past peoples. She has been involved in both historic and prehistoric archaeological projects for sites located in California, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Kansas, Iowa and France.

Cerisa loves talking about anthropology, and is always available to chat should you have any questions about the exciting educational and career opportunities in the various subfields of this broad discipline.

Recent publications include:
Reynolds, Cerisa R., Bryan Kendall, William E. Whittaker, and Thomas H. Charlton (2014) "Nineteenth-century butchery and transport for a market economy: Plum Grove as a case study for commercial transactions in the Midwestern USA."  Anthropolozoologica 49(1):47-61.

Reynolds, Cerisa R. (2012), "The Artiodactyl Index at the Origins of Agriculture in the Northern U.S. Southwest." Journal of Contemporary Anthropology3(1):39-59. Available at:

Reynolds, Cerisa R. (2012). "Durango Basketmaker II Faunal Remains: The Falls Creek Rock Shelters, Talus Village, and Beyond." Colorado Archaeology/Southwestern Lore 78(1):91-103.

Reynolds, Cerisa R. (2011) "Searching for Skill Identifiers through Experimental Flintknapping and a North American Archaeological Assemblage." In Pushing the Envelope: Experimental Directions in the Archaeology of Stone Tools, edited by Grant S. McCall, pp. 19-37. Nova Science Publishers, Hauppage, NY.

Reynolds, Cerisa R. and Jonathan C. Willman (2010), "Advice for Prospective Graduate Students." SAA Archaeological Record 10(4):12-14. (html version available at:

Reynolds, Cerisa R. and Matthew E. Hill, Jr. (2010), "Understanding the Relationship between the Bison Bone Beds at the Cody-aged Finley Site.".Current Research in the Pleistocene 27:131-134.