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Aims Community College50th Anniversary

Then + Now: 50th Anniversary

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The philosophy of Aims Community College has been developed around a sincere belief that EACH INDIVIDUAL SHOULD BE ALLOWED AN OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED REGARDLESS OF PAST EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE. This belief has prompted the adoption of an “open door” admissions policy. The college will always strive to provide high quality education for each individual student whether enrolled in a transfer program, an occupational program or in an adult education program.


Aims Community College was founded to meet a variety of the educational needs of area residents. In order to do this, a pre-baccalaureate program was developed for persons who might be interested in transferring to a four-year institution at a later date. It was also necessary to develop several vocational-technical programs which were designed to prepare persons for employment in certain commercial and industrial enterprises. Additionally, the college provided classes for those persons interested in pursuing a personal interest or improving their occupational proficiency. The purpose of Aims Community College, then, is to serve the people of north central Colorado by providing these programs.



Build a stronger community.


First Choice: The Recognized Leader in Learning and Student Success.


Provide knowledge and skills to advance quality of life, economic vitality, and overall success of the diverse communities we serve.


Commitment to Colleagues and College through Communication, Safety, Respect & Professionalism, and Trust.